Kennel Cough

All dogs boarded require vaccination for kennel cough.


The correct name for kennel cough is infectious tracheo-bronchitis. It is the most common respiratory disease in dogs. It is highly infectious, being spread by airborne bacteria, but no-one knows exactly all the possible ways it can spread.

It is most prevalent during the late summer period but random outbreaks can strike at any time during the year.

Kennelled dogs are at a greater risk of infection as they are in close proximity of many other dogs. However, it is true that your pet is just as likely to catch kc at a dog show or whilst out walking, making contact with other dogs.

Dogs can be carriers of this disease and show no symptoms.

In rare cases KC can be fatal – secondary infections can insue, which can lead to the death of the dog.

Nothing can totally prevent the spread of kennel cough. Vaccinating your dog will however help to reduce the severity of any outbreak and provide your dog with the maximum protection available.

Dogs can show symptoms of kennel cough as a result of the vacination but these symptoms tend to be reduced compared to the actual infection and to clear up with no further treatment required.

There are currently two brands of KC vaccination available:

Nobivac KC
A dose of 0.4 ml given in one nostril
Takes effect after 72 hours
Lasts for 1 yearIt is recommended that no other vaccine should be administered within 14 days before or after vaccination with Nobivac KC.Intrac

A dose of 1.0 ml given in both nostrils
Takes effect after 5 – 10 days
Lasts between 6 – 10 months

May be given on the same day as other vaccines, this includes booster vaccination

Please consult your vet as to the suitability of the vaccine for your dog.

Note The parainfluenza vaccine given as part of your dog’s booster provides protection against viral strains of infection. Both Nobivac KC and Intrac provide added protection against bacterial strains, thus helping to provide all round protection for your dog.

We would be grateful if you could ensure KC vaccinations are given two weeks prior to boarding.